About the Virtual Dance Collection

The OhioDance Virtual Dance Collection® is an interactive website that documents, preserves and historicizes the achievements of persons and institutions who have shaped the exceptional diversity of dance history and practice within the state of Ohio.

Planning Phase: (2014-2016):
The project was initiated by the OhioDance Board under the leadership of Executive Director Jane D’Angelo and President of the Board Rodney Veal began in 2014 with a prototype of the website, roundtable discussions throughout the state, and research on the recommendations of the community about which dance developments should be highlighted in the collection.
  • BalletMet, Columbus OH
    2015 OhioDance Spring Festival
    April 24, 2015
  • Ohio University, Athens, OH
    2015 OhioDance Fall Festival and Conference
    October 24, 2015
  • Oberlin College, Warner Main Space, Oberlin OH
    November 4, 2015
    Session with Oberlin Dance Collective (ODC)
    Panel Discussion with Brenda Way, ODC Artistic Director, and Candace Feck, Oral Historian, OhioDance Virtual Dance Collection®
    ODC Evening Performance
  • University of Dayton, @ARTSTREET, Dayton, OH
    December 1, 2015
  • Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH
    January 30, 2016
  • Kenyon College, Kenyon, OH
    February 11, 2016
Project Implementation: (July 2016 – June 2017):
Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, Ohio Arts Council and Greater Columbus Arts Council, this phase laid the foundation for the project, including the collection of thirty oral history interviews from ten sites of activity, supporting archival documents and photographs, audio excerpts selected from over 28 hours of film footage, and an elaborate timeline of dance developments in the state, featuring the multiple connections and intersections of people and ideas within and beyond Ohio. Based on statewide nominations vetted by the Board of Directors of OhioDance, Phase I targeted ten initial sites, with an emphasis on various dance forms and diverse geographical representation. The website was completed and launched at the April, 2017 Ohio Dance Festival at BalletMet.
Project Development: (July 2017- June 2022):
The oral history collection is continuously being expanded; including the development of school residencies throughout the state based on the website that introduce Ohio’s dance history to local students in each of the site areas; a documentary, Ohio: A State of Dance, shown at film festivals, and on Ohio’s PBS stations. Progress is being made on creation of a companion textbook for classroom use, distribution of the documentary, and dissemination of an interactive traveling exhibit.
The VDC team has presented at national conferences: Dance Studies Association, The Ohio State University, Columbus (Oct. 2017); National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), San Diego, CA in (Oct. 2018); Dance/USA conference, Cleveland, OH (June 2019); NDEO virtual (Oct. 2020).

The Virtual Dance Collection (VDC) Team

M. Candace Feck
VDC Oral Historian
Faculty Emerita in Dance, The Ohio State University
B.A. Cultural Anthropology; M.A. in Dance;
Ph.D. Art Education
Jessica Cavender
VDC Media Manager
B.S. Electronic Media Communications
M.F.A. Dance and Technology, The Ohio State University
Megan Davis Bushway
VDC and OhioDance videographer
B.A. Art Therapy & Dance, Springfield College
M.F.A. Dance, The Ohio State University
Patrick Tabatcher
VDC and OhioDance Webmaster
Sr. Multimedia Producer, The University of Akron
B.A. Graphic Design; M.A. Communications, The University of Akron
Rodney Veal
OhioDance Board President
VDC Documentary Narrator, Co-Founder
B.S. Political Science, Visual Arts, Eastern Michigan University
M.F.A. Choreography, The Ohio State University
Jane D’Angelo
OhioDance Executive Director; VDC Co-Founder
B.S. Business Administration, Northeastern University
CSS Administration & Management, Harvard University