Illstyle Rockers History

Cofounded by BBoys DJ Forrest Getemgump and Dre Live Borders

Illstyle Rockers is a legendary BBoy crew cofounded by BBoy DJ Forrest GetemGump and Dre Live Borders in the early 90’s in Akron Ohio. It became one of the most influential hip hop movements in the Midwest. The original members include Forrest GetumGump, Dre Live Borders, Some of the original members include Forrest GetumGump, Dre Live Borders, and Bobby Blaze. Dome FX , BBoy Shaolin Monk, and BGirl Boogie Nice joined in 1996, followed by DJ Besto. In 1998, the crew expanded with MC Suave Goddi, Lil E, Kid Cuba, Funky Fresh Frank and Mr. Magic. In 2010, DJ Ben Crazy became part of the scene. Josh Land, of J. Land LSquared Photos captured us through the years. IIllstyle Rockers, even on a low budget, were able to bring in artists such as: DJ Swamp, DMC Winner, DJ Cash Money, the 1 DMC Winner, BBoy Frosty Freeze, Rock Steady Crew, Diamond D, DJ Scratch, DJ Jonny O and Large Professor.

Dre Live Borders was born and raised in Akron Ohio. In 1979 Dre started to become interested in dances like the boogaloo and popping. In 1982 he saw BBoy Steve Lockett and was fascinated by the karate like moves on the sidewalk. Dre spring boarded to the top of the scene.  

Forrest GetemGump started breaking in 1982 at 12 years old. He trained with Jerry Fontenez. He then went to Florida and got his first job at age 13. He would break in from of the store “Champions” to attract people to the store. In the early 90’s in Harlem he became a member of Rock Steady. From there he joined Rene Harris Puremovement. He has toured internationally performing in Switzerland, Italy, England, Germany, New Zealand, Finland and France. Forrest is a break deejay, he is equally at home dancing in a cipher, dancing on stage, and spinning breaks on the turntables for a jam, competition, or a nightclub. He was inspired to buy DJ equipment after meeting DJ Swell (former DJ for Father MC) from Far Rockaway, Queens. Forrest remembers often hanging out at Swell’s house after school and watching him cut up breaks such as Take Me to the Mardi Gras, Long Red, and Funky President. 

In 92/93 Forrest visited his grandmother in Akron and met Dre. Forrest and Dre hit it off and practiced together. They joined with Bob “ready red”. The first place they performed was at Annabelle’s in Akron. 

In the beginning the group went by many names, “ice material” “rock city” “byi” (beyond your imagination). Dre came up with “Illstyle Rockers” and the name changed. From there a movement was built. They started making t-shirts and those wearing t-shirts had a VIP membership, it was a family affair.

1996 was a big year for the crew, because they won one of the biggest B-Boy battles in the country at Scribble Jam in Cincinnati. One of these events was where rapper Eminem broke through as a battle rapper. From there, Bobby Blaze would go on to win The Rumble in The Bronx B-Boy battle in New York.

Forrest was a DJ for the 2007 Battle of the Year World Finals in Germany. In April of 2009, Forrest was the touring DJ and Principle Dancer for the first traditional Rock Dance Theatrical performance entitled “Rockin It”. “Rockin It” toured the United Kingdom as part of Sadler Wells’ Breaking Convention Tour 2009, which included dance workshops, lectures and film screenings.

Illstyle was the cornerstone for Ohio hip hop. The international crew, Zulu Kings, of which half the members are from Ohio, learned from Dre and Forest. They got their polish, philosophy, style, structure, foundation, and change adaption from Dre and Forrest.  

Illstyle made endless appearances at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland as educators of The Culture, doing shows with LL Cool J, as well as being part of Zulu Nation and Rock Steady Crew anniversary parties.


BBoys Dre Borders and Forrest Webb met and became cofounders of Illstyle Rockers in Akron
Illstyle Rockers toured nationally until 2000. A force on the hip hop/street scene nationally
Illstyle Rockers had their first B-Boy show/party at Annabelle’s, which led to their first annual Xmas Jam in ‘96. The Xmas Jam is still rocking to this day.
Officially became Illstyle Rockers and won one of the biggest BBoy battles in the country at Scribble Jam in Cincinnati. One of these events was where rapper Eminem broke through as a battle rapper. Dre recalls “I remember wanting to stay and watch college football that Saturday, and Gump went to Cincinnati by himself. He came straight to my apartment banging music and holding up the trophy”.