Ohio: A State of Dance

Film Screenings: Catch a viewing of the OhioDance Film, “Ohio: A State of Dance”, on PBS stations across Ohio. Check PBS station schedules for dates and times.

OhioDance was nominated to receive an Ohio Valley Regional EMMY for “Ohio: A State of Dance” in the category of Arts/Entertainment. The nominees are Jane D'Angelo, Rodney Veal, Jess Cavender, Candace Feck, and Megan Davis Bushway. The 58th Emmy Awards Ohio Valley Chapter Gala was held July 30, 2022.

  • "Ohio: A State of Dance" has been awarded gold and two silver awards from the 43rd annual Telly Awards.
  • Ohio: A State of Dance is a Gold Winner in Television - Charitable / Not-for-profit & Cause Marketing
  • Ohio: A State of Dance is a Silver Winner in Television - Education & Training
  • Ohio: A State of Dance is a Silver Winner in Television - History

"Ohio: A State of Dance" is based on The OhioDance Virtual Dance Collection’s first ten selected dance developments that anchor the collection. Created by women, the documentary springs from an analytical perspective on the social and political climate of the times it features, highlighting the ways that historical tides have influenced artistic expression, observing how Ohio’s dance has intersected with the women’s movement, civil rights, and disability rights, among other trends. Sourcing from the significant breadth of work generated, the film manifests visual representations of the power dynamics within the historical account. A strong narrative of women’s leadership emerges, exposing a recursive and organic trajectory through which women in the dance field have built influence and purpose on their own terms, in concert with the grassroots support of other stakeholders. Through oral history interviews, dance footage, archival materials and photos, a rhizomatic pattern of growth emerges among the contributions of Ohio’s important dance figures from the twentieth century to the present, offering context for how and why these individuals rose to historical significance as leaders and pioneers in a unique local, national and international cultural landscape.

We dedicate this film to the memory of Lucy Dent Venable